Toronto Caterer and Personal Chef Chadd McArthur:
Catering in Toronto

Three Michelin Chef Chadd McArthur provides catering services, personal chef services, cooking classes, and is also available to hire as a menu consultant.

Chadd McArthur has been in the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years. He has worked in several different countries and in many different types of cooking establishments including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London England, and many other types of restaurants, hotels, and home kitchens. Chadd has also held many different titles such as Chef, Baker, Pastry Chef, Head Chef, and Sous Chef. He has had an extensive and dynamic culinary career. Chadd's cooking experience has mainly focused on modern French cuisine, but he also has the capability to be creative and to branch out into other styles of cooking with excellent results.

Chadd's international experience has been mainly in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland. But he has also traveled extensively. And because of this, he has fortified his culinary knowledge, as well as his understanding of other countries and global food trends.

Chadd has worked in two different Three Michelin Star restaurants, and two different One Michelin Star restaurants. He has also consulted to restaurants on menus and menu planning, and has done many catering functions with various companies internationally.

To chat about your Toronto catering requirements, call personal chef and Toronto caterer Chadd McArthur at (416) 454-2515 today!

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